The AQA planning grid

Our interactive planning grids don’t do the planning for you but they give you a quick way to draft your course plans. You can use the interactive grid to experiment with course design, or use it at a later stage of planning to achieve a smart printout of your course. 
  • All the course components are on tiles, which you can drag to anywhere in the course calendar.
  • You can add your own notes.
  • The exams and assessments are on another set of tiles for you to drag and adjust.
  • You can save your grids to My Content.
  • You can also print your grids.

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There are ten grids to choose from, according to the specifications you plan to follow.  You can plan a one-year, two-year or three-year course in the same session.

Please note that since the planning grid tool is an online application, it's advisable to save your work regularly and to print a copy as a back-up.

Choose the grid for your course:

Planning grid help.